Job Opportunity

The wife and I have a job opening. We’re hiring someone to do the laundry which includes folding and putting away the aforementioned. Other responsibilities will include setting things where they belong as opposed to on top of a trash can or a laundry basket. It’s also important that you be able to keep up […]

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Coming out

This has been coming for a while now I guess … I’ve gone to great lengths to never reveal where I work in any of my social media connections (with exception to LinkedIn which is for professionals … or so they tell me) or here on this blog.  The biggest reason being that when I […]

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It is rare for me to curse.  I have to be at some level of rawness for my tongue to get really loose.  I do a good job of keeping control even in stressful situations.  This weekend though has been somewhat difficult though. I’m not sure why I’m thinking of my dad a lot here […]

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