January 20, 2009

The little feet that follow

     So it has been a great dis-service this drought of blog-posts that I’ve done.  I think it’s just and proper that I start again with one about my daughter.  For new readers suffice to say I’m her biggest fan.  I think she’s the awesomest little girl in the world, and that’s not bias talking, it’s just a fact.  So allow me to relate 2 stories that I’ve been blessed to be a part of this past week.
     First came on Sunday.  We were driving home from church when Littlefoot started asking questions about God.  Her mother made the comment that God lives in our heart to which my inquisitive child responded, “He doesn’t live in the sky anymore?”  Touched by her question I responded to the omnipresence of God and how He’s able to be all places at all times.  Her response was, “Wow . . . God is amazing” which was said more as a statement of fact as opposed to a shocking realization.  I advised that she had just spoken a truth that we all try to understand.
     Secondly is Littlefoot’s first computer hardware lesson.  A co-worker of mine we’ll call “The Driver” has had some computer issues and I was dropping his hard drive into my pc so we could use a thumb drive to get the data off the disks.  Littlefoot sat down in front of the now unplugged computer and wanted to help.  She picked up the screwdriver and went to work.  I already had the chassis open so all she had to do was remove the screws from the hard drive, I slide the drive into place, and then she put the screws back into place.  It was awesome to see her concentrating so hard on her task.  I’d like to believe that she’s a geek-in-training but I think we’re past that part already!
     So I’d love to tell you I’ll post x number of days a month or week or whatever . . . but I know better.  Every now and then though I’ll share a story here or there and if you’re lucky you’ll get to hear about the best daughter in the world, Littlefoot.

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