January 2, 2010

Hot Rods 50’s Diner

     It had been a while since the wife and I were able to go out but finally the Saturday before Christmas our church offered a Parent's day out so we jumped on it and hit the new local restaurant, Hot Rod's 50's Diner.  We'd been by it several times but never had the funds nor the time to stop in and check it out.  For our date we thought it'd be something new and neat to try.

     Parking is a bit of a beast but no big deal if they are not slammed, both times we went they were fine.  Busy but manageable so to speak.  We went Saturday for lunch and the following Sunday for their breakfast buffet which they do a good job of promoting in their store and on their site.  The ambiance is great with all the stuff you'd expect to find on the walls in a place with a 50's theme.  I can't recall what the wife had but I'll allow her to write upon that if she so chooses.  I had the chicken finger sandwich with Flamethrower sauce.  I'll have to admit that I was a little disappointed at the lack of heat from something called a 'Flame-thrower' but the flavor and taste was great.  We also had some fried dill slices; comes in a great little serving cup that resembles an oil funnel of sorts.

     All in all I'd recommend the place, the price isn't to bad and the breakfast is great.  They even have some working pinball machines which I'm a huge fan of.  Check it out!

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