June 11, 2009

Goodbye to a friend

     In a few minutes I’ll be leaving to meet my brother at the vets office.  For a few years now my mother and brother have kept Pudge for us.  When Nik and I were first married we lived in a duplex we affectionatly call “The Hole”.  There one night this kitten ran in and sat in my spot on the couch as we walked in the door.  Nik and I grew to love Pudgey, who was named such due to his swollen belly when he first came to us, and being that Nik had grown up with dogs she actually trained Pudge to behave like a dog.  You’d walk in the door and call his name and he’d come running to your feet.  He’d be so excited to see you . . .
     He has had many names in his time with us; Sir Pudgey the Destroyer, Sir Pudgey the Kinky Kitty, . . . he’s a great cat.  I hated having to give him to mom and Jake when we moved but the place we were going didn’t allow pets.  Pudge was a haus of a cat; walked like a bulldog with broadshoulders . . . thought he was the stuff, and he is.
     A few weeks ago my brother Jake noticed a knot on his leg.  They tried anti-biotics to no avail so it’s suspected that the tumor is cancerous . . . Pudge’s lack of eating for the past 2 weeks would seem to support that.  Today I’m meeting my brother at the vets to say goodbye to Sir Pudgey.  It’s hard . . . neither Jake nor myself want to do this . . . Nik was passing by and I mentioned this to her that Jake doesn’t want to do this and Della not knowing what we were talking about said in her sweet little voice, “Sometimes you just gotta do things daddy”.  She’s right . . . I hate it, it hurts . . . but it’s whats best for Pudge . . . I love him,

I’ll miss you Sir Pudgie

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