Conflicted dad


Conflicted dad is conflicted … Just caught daughter on her iPod 3-hours after we put her to bed. 2nd offense so consequences kick in. 3 days grounding from all electronics. But she wasn’t chatting, gaming, or watching YouTube vids … she was reading. Conflicted but still grounded. 1 day instead of 3 … because I […]

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Eating our pets

     From her time in the womb, Littlefoot was exposed to Mexican food almost daily as it was the favorite food of her mother while she was pregnant.  (Ok every other day too)  As Littlefoot grew we expanded her pallet to try other types of food including one of my favorites, Chinese.  Later we […]

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Exciting news

So it’s rare that I’m REALLY excited about anything but i’m really looking forward to this new Author that’s going to be writing posts on this blog.  Her name is Littlefoot, you’ve heard me talk about her before, she’s my daughter! As part of her Summer off from school we’re going to be reinforcing her […]

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