Early writings

Writings from my ‘early adult’ years. Not all bad, not all good; but writing is how I dealt with things that bothered me. An article on Wikipedia calls this time ‘the early adult transition’.

Fun House Mirrors

The image we see in the mirror is a pure reflection of our physical appearance, ‘Fun House’ mirrors are good for a laugh because they can make us tall, short, or any other distortion that gets a laugh. The image we see of our selves in the mirror isn’t so clear and is all too often distorted through our own internal filters.

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You thought

Be advised, to some of my more timid viewers there's some pretty harsh stuff coming, you may want to skip this one.   [dropcap]A[/dropcap] very foolish venture on your part.  You thought that I'd just roll over and take all this didn't you?  You thought that I'd let you walk all over me once again, […]

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Sin begets sin

  [dropcap]A[/dropcap] little white lie is told.  Then another lie to cover that one.  Still another falsehood spills from our lips to cover the previous lie.  Murderers kill, then kill again to silence the witnesses.  Now my sin too . . . shall beget another sin.  My irresponsibility will soon lead to murder.  Nothing.  Nothing […]

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Leave me Alone

  [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hy won't you go away?  Leave me alone, can't you see how much this hurts?!?  The ghosts, the memories of our past come back to haunt us.  Always there, always picking the wound.  Reminding us of what once was, showing us what will never be again.   This one I remember all too well. […]

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