Whitt’s Barbecue

     The wife and I hit up one of the new local BBQ joints yesterday and I must say I really enjoyed it.  Whitt's Barbecue is off of Gill street in Alcoa, TN and while the building may be new and the design contemporary the flavor of their food and hospitality is spot on […]

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Hot Rods 50’s Diner

     It had been a while since the wife and I were able to go out but finally the Saturday before Christmas our church offered a Parent's day out so we jumped on it and hit the new local restaurant, Hot Rod's 50's Diner.  We'd been by it several times but never had the funds […]

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Lessons from the Weekend

It is said that we never stop learning, and those that do are dead already. Well I have great news, seeing as I learned a few things this past weekend it would seem I’m still alive. Lesson 1. Trying New Foods is Not Without Risks It is typically rare that the wife and I go […]

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