One of the cool kids


  Well I have arrived.  I am now one of the cool kids.  I have been too and purchased from the Maryville Farmers Market. For the past several weeks I’ve been meeting some folks at the Vienna Coffee House on Saturday mornings.  We’re meeting there for our Circle4 group doing a book study on Timothy […]

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The Hobbit

A little over a week ago I posted about reconnecting with a friend of mine from high school. During one of our previous conversations it came out that I had not read The Hobbit. Oh I’d seen the movie but I’d never taken the time to sit and read the actual book. I had made it a point to read The Chronicles of Narnia which she had not read so we agreed to a book swap so we could both catch up on some good fiction. I use an Android phone with the Kindle app so I thought I’d go download a sample of the book to see if the Kindle software was all it was cracked up to be. I found out that it was pretty slick in that it synched where I was reading via Kindle for the PC and my Kindle app so there’s no need for bookmarks or trying to remember where I was on my PC vs. my phone. Of course the sample ends during the Dwarf song of the first chapter so you’re left in anticipation. Not knowing when I would be able to see my friend agai

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The Screwtape Letters

     My first C. S. Lewis book . . . well aside from The Chronicles of Narnia collection.  Which I suppose I should start there; I think it speaks to Lewis' great amount of latitude in his ability to go from writing children's stories to a book like The Screwtape Letters.  Admittedly it's been […]

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