Oh, My Cherry-Cola Ham

I saw this recipe and thought, "Oh My!"  Hence the name Oh, My Cherry-Cola Ham.  I think I'll even try Cherry Dr. Pepper, cause I'm a huge fan of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.  I will use the fully loaded version though cause this is ham and clearly deserves the good stuff!  HA  I think I'll […]

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Crockpot Queens Turkey Lasagna

  With the schedule that I keep, and I'm assuming yours is just as hectic, crockpot recipes are the way to go instead of what you can get out of the nearest fast food window, which is typically delicious, but packs a whalop of a punch in the calorie and fat department.  I LOVE lasagna, […]

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Fabulously Easy Chocolate Coffee Spoons

Thanks to Emily E.'s Facebook post this morning, I'm feeling good about my Christmas actually having holiday cheer!  Thanks Emily for sharing the website Organized Christmas!  I found a MUST SHARE recipe so check it out for a wonderful homemade gift, and don't be surprised if you receive it from me!   Chocolate Coffee Spoons […]

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5 Ingredient Veggie Stuffed Calzone

Recipes developed by Robin Miller from Fitness Magazine A few key ingredients will help you cook up healthy, simple suppers the whole family will love.  Take some prepared dough, add pesto, veggies, and cheese, and voila! A hearty, healthy take on an Italian staple. Pantry Staples In addition to the five ingredients, the recipes on […]

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