February 14, 2009

An old comfort

For some reason as of late I’ve been watching a lot of old vids about our 40th President Ronald Reagan.  My brother recently did a paper where he recalled President Reagan’s words after the Challenger disaster of 1986 and perhaps that has lead me down this path.  I too can recall President Reagan from my youth, I can specifically remember watching him on tv the night he sent our planes in to Libya in response to Kadaffee.  I remember the Iran-contra affair, the trial, Reagan’s speeches, his voice.  For some reason all of this instilled a sense of calmness in me.  Now going back on YouTube and rewatching some of these interviews and soundbytes still calms me today.  It’s nice to be reminded of the America I loved . . .


Thank you Mr. President for your service, and reminding me of my innocence and peace.

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