who is the Friar

     I’ve always despised the ‘about’ pages on websites . . . how in the world am I to encapsulate all that I am in to a brief  string of words and phrases.  Anyway, I’ll press on . . . so why “the Friar”?  Well that term comes from a few friends of mine that started calling me Friar at work.  For what reason I’m not sure but I should point out that I am in no way an actual ‘Friar’; far from it.  I’m not quite sure where the term came from be it my beard, hair, or what.  I’d like to think on some level that maybe it comes from how or who I am.  I am an unashamed follower of Christ, I’m far from perfect but ever chasing after Him.  I got to digging on the term Friar and found the following on Wikipedia:

Friars differ from monks in that they are called to live the evangelical counsels (vows of poverty, chastity and obedience) in service to a community, rather than through cloistered asceticism and devotion. Whereas monks live cloistered away from the world in a self-sufficient community, friars are supported by donations or other charitable support.[1]

     Now . . . I’m unfortunately not supported by donations or charitable giving . . . but I guess it’d be fair to say that the rest of it makes sense.  I am out among the people, not living secluded in a monastery tucked away from society.    I make no claims of perfection and I try to accept all people.  I would think it’s fair to say that when it comes to people I do have a problem with it’s those that are quick to judge . . . those who think a follower of Christ has to look or dress a certain way or that Christ is reserved only for a certain slice of the population.      I do my best not to label myself if at all possible . . . people tend to make snap decisions and judgements once they find out your a Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, . . . you get my point.  I tend to think I’m a pretty down to earth normal guy . . . so much so that I really shouldn’t show up on people’s radars.  Yet I have a beautiful wife and 2 daughters that tell me different . . . I think I do a good job of snowballing them but they assure me that their comments are genuine. I guess to sum up, I’m a Husband-Father-Son-Brother-Employee-Lay Leader-Student . . . so read on if you wish, comment, email, whatever . . . take care, and seek truth . . . THE truth dailey.