Be ye of the house of Turnmire, or friend of the house of Turnmire, we bid you welcome

A little over the top I know, and lets speak plainly, there is no "house" of Turnmire. Well, I mean, there's my house. Hopefully other Turnmire's live in their houses. But as far as there being one single unified "house" ... I don't think it exists.

Where we are?

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Where are we going?

I've got no idea really. I know that I personally feel a deep connection to the area that I live in. But the history above has proven that won't always be the case with our decendents. One of my children has plans of travel and who knows, they may find the love of their life out there and never come back to where they were born. While I would miss them, I know that it's a possiblity.

And what of it anyway? Each should be free to make their own choices. As much as I'd love to keep my children close ... they need to fly and do their own thing. Isn't that part of being a parent? Encouraging them to spread their wings and fly as high as they can go? To seek out what life has in store for them and meet it head-on with the gifts and talents God has given them?

I have taken my little portion of the clan this far ... where will you take yours? Godspeed to you and yours.