November 1, 2011

Where did the nice Friar go?


     Some of you may be wondering what in the world is going on!  All this hate, this brooding, this . . . emo!  Well, I've not gone emo on you.  I posted a while back . . . yea, way back . . . that I'd be posting some of my darker stuff.  Of course I also said I'd be posting stuff about dad and some ideas regarding how my family will be handeling Christmas a little different this year.  Well, I started part of that but never finished it.  Well, until now. I've officially posted all of my 'darker' stuff.  

     I know some don't like to read things like that.  We'd rather read about positive and sunshine; don't get me wrong, I like that stuff too.  Sometimes though I think a person can become so absorbed in things like that they tend to lose a grip on reality.  I don't care one way or the other really.  It's part of my past, part of who I am, and if you'll admit to it we've all had our moments of darkness and despair.  They exist, to pretend they don't is a lie.  I fear for my children as I know that they too will one day deal with such issues.  I only hope that they find a medium to express themselves that helps them deal.  I honestly believe that God gave me a talent of communication in order for me to put finger to keyboard to help with my own issues and later, to help others.  

     I have to give mad props to my good friend 'The Professor'.  Words cannot express how much I love this man.  I hate not having him by my side day in and day out at the office; but I still get to see him.  He's been such an encourager and a great critic.  I think you again sir.

     Now, on to the other topics.  Your cheerful Friar went no where . . . still here . . . still figuring it all out.

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