July 16, 2008

What we impart

Proverbs 24:33-34; Proverbs 4:1-27; Mark 10:13-16

I have often thought about how my knowledge and appretiation of God grew by leaps and bounds as my daughter started to walk. Mind you we were ever so thankful for her before, but the understanding increased when she started taking off on her own. The church we attended at the time had a rather large sanctuary so I’d set her down and let her go. She walked off, free to go where she willed, but I was always there just 2 or 3 steps behind. She didn’t pay attention to me much, oh she’d look over her shoulder ever now and then; but for the most part she just went exploring. There was the stage that was off limits and we had to be mindful of others walking around the room; but off she was to a world of discovery. When she’d had enough I’d slip her up on my shoulders and we walk back to mommy who may or may not be finished talking. As I let my daughter make her own decisions I was reminded of our Heavenly Father and how similar my chasing after my daughter was His chasing after me.
In this great wisdom I’ve learned to appreciate Littlefoot a little bit more every day. For as many lessons as she’s taught me, I have several lessons to teach her. To teach her the importance of discerning what things are important and what things you can let go. Tonight we talked about Fighters (jets) as they flew over head. We also took our first bike ride and got in some punching lessons. I hold nothing back from Littlefoot; I think I’m taught not to do so, especially in these passages. Time is short, and there is so much wisdom to share. All of our loving moments are times of learning. If by the time of adulthood she had the brains of a genius or the leadership qualities of Ronald Reagan; if she did not have wisdom when it came to basic of what’s right and wrong, and what really matters in the world; then I would have failed her as a parent. I love my daughter very much, I’ll continue to impart wisdom to her.