Big night

I hope to have pictures up soon, but last night Littlefoot got her first bicycle. I got in from the gym just at the right time as Wife was setting supper on the table. After we ate I went and got things ready and had Wife come outside with the camera so we could catch […]

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I’m hooked

Man I had a good workout today. I’d say, and I think I am accurate in this, that today was one of the first times that I got the endorphin high. I’ve got someone going with me so there’s some accountability there which helps out a great deal. it was good. What really topped the […]

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Sad news . . .

For anyone who has known me for any length of time probably knows I’m a Stargate SG-1 fan. Don S Davies played Gen Hammond, the base commander for Stargate Command. He passed away on the 29th; the announcement just came out recently. Gateworld Don S Davies Website While I never had the chance to meet […]

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