I feel like I’m slipping. I am not sure where to or what into.  In trying to explain my current state I’m finding no answers, nor any reasons.  My father has been on my mind a lot as of late.  My ankles and body are reminding me that physical pain can only be ignored for […]

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My 21 year old

It is a little known fact, but I have a 21 year old named Betty . . . Before anyone has a coronary I’m talking about my car.  It’s a 1990 Buick LeSaber.  She’s doing well for her age, the odometer stopped working years ago so I’m guessing we’re pushing right at 325k miles.  Sure […]

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Declaring war

So some may be aware that in August I started changing the way I was eating or at least being more aware of what I was putting into my body.  I was going to the gym and making great progress; then I got sick and fell off the wagon for a bit.  I’ll say that […]

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A quick update

I know I said I wouldn’t do it but I have to, I need to move the wordpress install.  Well, I’m not so much moving the install as changing the type of software being used.  Right now I’m using MU WordPress which stands for Multi-user WordPress.  I had hoped that more people would be interested […]

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