Birthday & the new year

Another year has come and gone.  I will not join in the throng of blog posts that I am sure are to be made today regarding a good bye to the year past and hello to the year ahead.  Countless resolutions will be made to only be broken again . . . no I figure […]

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18 April 08

Scripture~ Joshua 8-9, Psalm 100, Acts 24-25      I am amazed at the brutality of war; well, perhaps not of war but of the vivid descriptions in the Old Testament. It amazes me, one doesn’t have to go watch war movies or violent tv shows . . . there’s enough adventure in the story of Joshua […]

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17 April 08

Scripture~ Joshua 5-7, Psalm 99, Acts 23      You know, it’s not enough that an entire city is handed over to you without losing one man. It’s not enough that you are getting an inheritance that you do not deserve nor is it enough that you are eating food that you did not play nor did […]

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