January 25, 2009

Surgeon General’s Warning

So we’ve all seen them . . . the warnings on cigarettes, alcohol, etc; warning us of obvious issues or potential complications that come from expereincing one thing or the other.  I think I should suggest to our pastor to put such a warning over our church door.  Something that would read like, “Surgeons General’s Warning:  Experencies with the Holy Spirit can leave one breathless, tired, weak, and has been known to lead to heart palpatations, sweating, and a new perspective on life.  Recommended daily”  LOL
Obviously had an amazing service this morning . . . the message should be online soon at the Maryville Vineyard website . . . we’ve been doing a series on worship called ‘Fanatic’ . . . it’s been great stuff.  I think I was coming to this already but I’m seeing more and more that we should worship God in all things.  The way I work, the way I live, the way I love . . . all to the glory of God!