April 18, 2009

Some positive news . . .

In this day of bad news on every channel I thought I’d share a story that would explain my Facebook status and perhaps inject a little brightness into the goodness of our fellow man.  I had not been feeling well this past week . . . I know a lot of it had to do with stress induced . . . issues we’ll say.  Anyway we’ve been trying to find some playground equipment for the little one and the wife happened across a free trampoline on Craigslist.  She went and checked it out on Wednesday . . . I arranged for a truck for this weekend . . . looked like all would be well.  Free of charge, Littlefoot could do all the jumping she wanted.
The next morning, Thursday, I woke up still not feeling well . . . I called the office and told them I would not be in and went back to bed.  A few hours later I hear a loud knock on the door and my father-in-law calling my name.  I sat up with a start and he asked if I’d go help him get that trampoline.  I advised that I would not have a truck until Saturday but he thought he could get it all in the trunk of the car.  Mind you the cars we drive are the kind you could fit 6-7 bodies in the trunk so he might be right.  The man’s close to his mid-70’s and is on this side of 2 heart attacks and a quadruple by-pass so there’s no way I’m going to let him do this alone.
To make a long story short, two and a half hours later we were back at our place putting the trampoline back together.  In fact by this time we were piratically done.  I washed it off because I knew when Littlefoot got home she’d want to jump on it right away.  All that was left was to put the padding over the springs.  Now I was tired, remember I’m not feeling well and I had no breakfast, no drink, so I’m ready to pass out.  I end up sitting on the ground to put on these retarded ties.  I never saw so many straps and latches.  Anyway, mother-in-law brought out an egg sandwich and some Mt. Dew . . . not my drink of choice but it’s 1245 and I need something right?  LOL  I make quick work of the food and drink and press on with the ties.  I start to get a little light headed so I lay back.  I end up laying down in the grass, my legs under the trampoline and the rest of my body out in the afternoon sun.  I start to still myself and focus on what I can and cannot hear when I’m very very still.
This was perhaps unwise to do in the sun . . . I am a red head and paid the price for it.  Things could have been much worse were I not startled by a horn honking.  I leaned up and saw a white car in the driveway with the Blount Home Health emblem on the door.  The trampoline was blocking my vision so I couldn’t see the top of the car nor the person driving it.  I figured they were there to see the in-laws so I didn’t think much of it.  Then the pair of scrub covered legs started walking my way and calling out to me asking if I was ok.  I struggled to stand, realizing how sore I was after moving a 14ft trampoline . . . my body reminding me of just how out of shape I am . . . I straightened myself and responded to her that I was fine.  I explained that we had just moved the bohemoth and I had laid down for a little rest.
She laughed and began to apologize over and over again.  She had driven by and noticed me laying on the ground; she feared that I had fallen off the trampoline and was hurt.  I told her to quit apologizing . . . it did me well to know that she stopped out of concern.  I was reminded that the world is not such a dark place and that there are still a lot of good people out there.  I tied two or three more ties and gave up on the rest . . . thinking there were enough done to hold it in place.  I was done for the day.  I went in and drank what seemed like gallons of water . . . showered and tried to nap.  I told the story to my bud later, a good laugh was had by all.  It is indeed funny and please feel free to laugh . . . I did!