August 6, 2010

Our new Kindergarten student, Della Ro!

In the days before:  In preparing Della Ro for actually going to school on her own, we’ve talked about a few things like new clothes, new shoes, new school, new teachers, new friends, school supplies, lunch boxes, cafeteria food, being polite, making a good impression, and on and on.  Also spoke to making sure if she wanted to go by “Della Ro” that she needed to introduce herself as such so everyone will call her that and not just “Della.”  Also discussed how introducing herself as “DR” probably wasn’t a good idea either, but after she made some friends, then “DR” could be an option!  LOL

Clothing: One of the fun things of a new school year is school clothes and that new outfit you wear the first day.  We’ve had lots of fun shopping, and now it comes to choosing the perfect outfit!  Della Ro talked about what she wanted to wear, and just like her Mom, she dressed from the shoes up!  I LOVE THIS GIRL!  She chose her new brown wing-tip Mary Jane’s, a flippy denim skirt, a white polo shirt and a green sweater vest with a white bow clip (ADORABLE!).  Walking in to school this morning she looked like a school girl should, very smart looking!

On our way to the First Day:  In true Turnmire fashion, we were running late, although in our defense, in the hussle and bussle of getting ready this morning and Georgia Beth waking up right before we left, thinking about the school traffic didn’t enter our minds until after we sat through 3 red light cycles at William Blount Dr. & Morganton Rd!  Then we had the 9th grade academy and the high school zones to go through along with a school bus pulling out in front of us!  Mercy!  All this was before having to weave through the driving guides set up in the school parking lot!  Wow!  Adventuresome!  We park and with tossing over her should at me that I could carry her backpack, we start into the school.  We finally get to the Kindergarten area, and we are doing great emotionally!  (As a side note, I just love the smell of schools… cafeteria food + floor polish + glue + coffee + women’s perfume.  I can stick my nose inside of a book inhaling strongly and recreate that smell!  Pencils and transparent tape take me there, too.  What memories!)  Anyway, they check our girl in, we get the paperwork we need to pick her up, she gets assigned a cubicle, and in we walk to the other students all sitting in the floor looking at books… waiting on us!  LOL  Oh dear!  Della Ro gets her name tag, and I chirp happily, “Ok, give me a kiss!”  She turns to hug me, and she realizes that I’m leaving!  OH NO!  I get my kiss, she hugs her daddy, and instead of going over to the other kids, she comes back to me with a huge hug and red rimmed eyes that are holding back tears!  Ackkkkkkk!  So I get a little verklempt, and I know that I have to get out fast!  One of the teachers saw it, too, and came to the rescue by a little redirection to all the books that she could pick.  Yea for Ms. French!  So have to get out FAST, turn on my heal, and tell myself to get it together… there are still LOTS of windows to go by!  Luckily there’s a bathroom, and just holding some tissue made me feel immediately better.  So no official tears for anyone, but very, very close.  =)

My take: It’s all good now.  Came home to my Georgia Beth sitting in the floor in her new fuzzy Acorn booties looking up at me sweetly ready to start her day.  I will say that there’s nothing in the world like being a mom to my girls.  Then I think, how much does God love me with my heart simply exploding with all the emotions of my morning… fear, pride, worry, elation, concern, joy!  How awesome is God who made us in His image and allows us to feel the emotions that he must feel toward us!  And I get to experience all this because my Della Ro is going to school for the first time.  So many times before this and more times to come I have and will be able to see from God’s perspective in parenting!  I am in awe!

P.S. Oh, and if you wonder at all, I will totally be ready to pick Della Ro up at noon, and hear all about her wonderful day!

One Comment on “Our new Kindergarten student, Della Ro!

Lori Kagley
August 6, 2010 at 9:44 am

Nikki~I love your blog.  I remember those days for Sara and Leah.  Sara ran out of the classroom  for me before the teacher could catch her balling her eyes out screaming I want my mommy.!!!  So Della did great in comparisson to Sara!  Now Leah on the other hand was totally different.  She ran into the classroom and I was like….Bye Leah!  Must be the second child thing.  What is funny is that at the time it bothered me more with Leah that with Sara.  I guess cause she was my "baby" and I was 9 months pregnant. (that could have had a little to do with it…..hormones!)  Now just think, in 5 more years we will get to experience this all over again with Georgia and Carter.  Can't wait to see you all on Monday.  Have a great weekend!!!

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