July 26, 2014

One of the cool kids




Well I have arrived.  I am now one of the cool kids.  I have been too and purchased from the Maryville Farmers Market.

For the past several weeks I’ve been meeting some folks at the Vienna Coffee House on Saturday mornings.  We’re meeting there for our Circle4 group doing a book study on Timothy Keller’s “A Reason for God”.  It’s a great book, easy to read and a great study on the arguments against Christianity and its critics.  I strongly recommend picking it up.
I digress.  Today after leaving the meeting I heard the chatter of the crowd and the great tunes from whoever was playing the live music this week.  Instead of turning left to my car I slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed up the hill towards the horizon of awning tops.  Not sure where to enter I strolled down the sidewalk until I found a break inbetween the coverings and slipped through.  The music was great and it was fantastic to walk down the first row of vendors.  A few things caught my eye but I was able to abstain and keep moving.  Several folks knew each other and were stopping to talk … a few were sampling peppers, fresh garlic, and sweet breads.  I suddenly wished that my daughters were with me … especially my youngest as she is fascinated by vegetables and natural foods.
Continuing my journey I came across a table with a large variety of corn, beans, peppers both hot and mild.  I couldn’t resist.  I knew I had a Hamilton in my pocket so I asked the lady for a dozen ears of Peaches & Cream corn.  Coming back with my change she heaved the bag of golden goodness over the counter and thanked me for coming out.  $5 for a dozen ears of corn is pretty amazing … especially since the money went to someone that grew it in their own garden and not a market or grocery store.  I was pleased with myself for contributing to my community and supporting the businesses and events of my city.  I had to shy away from the fresh lamb, beef, chicken, and pork that was available … while I’m sure it would have been delicision after spending some time on my grill I knew that my cash reserves were running low.  For my first time to the market my bag of corn would be all the bounty I would take home this day.

Speaking of home … walking in the door I shared my take with the family.  As expected my youngest was curious as to what I had and quickly tore open the husk revealing golden and white pearls of corn.  She immediatly leaned in and took a bite.  Pulling away the one or two strands of silk she happened to pick up she smiled wide and made the all to famiar ‘mmmmm’ sound.  She loved it.  The wife removed the rest of the husk and the silk to let her fully enjoy it.  The girl ate it as is … didn’t need it to be boiled or grilled … just straight from the stalk.

There it is … I’ve been to the coffee house and the farmers market in the same day.  I’m officially a cool kid.