February 19, 2009

Moments from war

First, the dream-
     Two natives were circling around a fire inside a lodge (tepee).  They both had short bows drawn and ready to fire at each other.  The movement was one of a standoff, each watching the other for an opportunity to strike.  There were others in the lodge asking them not to fire and to put down their weapons but neither would break their posture.

What it means-
     I should state that I’m not using a book or some sort of guide to figure out what things mean.  Only time, prayer, and mediation with God.  It was interesting that they were holding short bows; short bows have an obvious disadvantage of shorter range but their power is much more than that of their long-bow brothers.  So basically they’ll only work at close range but work with deadly power and accuracy.  They were not fighting but both were waiting for a sign of weakness or an opportunity to pounce.
     Things have been a bit more than tense between my mother-in-law and I over the past few months since we got a house together.  There are just many areas where she and I disagree which I will not go into because it’s only one side of the story.  What I noticed is that the people in the lodge knew what was going on and was asking for them to stop.  The tension effects my wife, daughter, and father-in-law.  She and I use words that hit deep and now that we’re in such close proximity it’s like a match in a room full of dynamite.  The good thing is we recognize this and I think both of us in our own little ways are trying to lower the arrows and step away from the war that could open up at any moment.