October 26, 2008

Looking back at you

So a little over a month ago our church started this practice of holding the Lord’s Supper a little differently.  Used to you would go to a table that had the elements laid out and you’d tear some bread and dip it in the juice.

Now though we have two people go up and hold the plate & bowl and as a person takes a tear of the bread and dips it in the juice those holding the elements recite something.  I’ve been a ‘holder’ on several occasions but today I noticed something amazingly different a beautiful that I had never picked up on before.

Typically I look at the bread, I’ve always held the bread and wife holds the juice bowl, and take little notice of the people walking up.  But today for some reason I kept my head up as I recited “Body of Christ, broken for you” and in doing so I noticed the beautiful diversity that’s at the Vineyard.  I’m not sure of the count but I know that I saw so many different shapes, sizes, colors, ages, of God’s creation . . . it was an awesome site of how the Kingdom of God is.  Just something that stuck out to me today.

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