August 11, 2008

Lessons from the Weekend

It is said that we never stop learning, and those that do are dead already. Well I have great news, seeing as I learned a few things this past weekend it would seem I’m still alive.

Lesson 1. Trying New Foods is Not Without Risks

It is typically rare that the wife and I go out to eat. Well it seems to be more common as of late but that just changed (wife did some AMAZING shopping). Anyway, so on Saturday after facilitating an event I put together we were worn out and ready to call it a day . . . and it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We had a joke of a breakfast and we were ready to eat the town. So we stopped in at Oriental Quisine. It’s a unique place, they serve Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and American (I don’t quite get the American, I mean I understand that it’s Burgers and Fries . . . but why?). On par my wife orders Beef and Broccoli.
I should take a moment to point out a mild irritation of mine, and I stress MILD. To a point it’s almost endearing, but come on . . . if we eat Mexican she orders Shredded Chicken Chimichanga with Cheese Dip, if it’s Chinese it’s Crab Rangoon and Been & Broccoli with Wanton Soup. I try to get her to try new things but she holds to her faithful dishes. In all seriousness I really don’t care, like I said, it’s cute, and I love her for it. Me on the other hand I like stretching the limits, trying something new. After all it was me trying something new that developed our love for Sushi.
So I peruse the menu, I want to try something new . . . maybe some Thai, I’m in the mood for a little spice. Ahh this looks good, Thai Red Curry Chicken . . . so I place my order and wait. When it came things looked great . . . nice cooked vegetables of squash and zucchini, onion, red bell pepper, chicken . . . it all looked great. Unfortunately it tasted like the smell of dirty dish water, not much heat either. Needless to say I was sorely disappointed. But I’m the kind of person if I paid for it, I’m going to eat it. My “system” hasn’t been the same since . . .

More Lessons to come

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