December 26, 2010

Keeping a promise

     So, nothing deep or amazing about tonight's post.  Just wanted to do a few things and provide a heads up for those of you unfortunate enough to have happened across my ramblings.  I'll be keeping a promise this week so things are going to be quite busy it seems.  I have the following on my plate:

  1. I promised someone that I would post my darker stuff.  I felt odd doing this so near Christmas but a promise is a promise.  I also felt the need or desire to post the stuff about my dad.  All of these will be a restricted section so if you'd like to read you'll have to register as a user.
  2. As mentioned previously I'll be posting items about my dad.  As part of the process I decided to do a lot of writing to help me deal with what was going on.  I didn't feel as though I had the best support system at the time and looking back I honestly can't say whether or not I did.  At any rate, I did a lot of writing around and about his death and my life afterwards.
  3. Now that the Christmas holiday is passed, I feel it's alright to start posting my plans for next year and the change in direction I'll be steering my family.  The paradigm shift has already started in me and I see it in my oldest daughter as well.  Time to put it to text and make it happen.


     That's a lot of ground I want to cover this week.  The upshot is that the first two items are already written, it's just a matter of putting them into posts.  The third point is in line with our over all agenda with our Family's vision  (what's that? go here to read our take or visit the official website) so that's a larger task. Anyway, I'd best to get work on all this!