July 15, 2008

Harsh fact

Psalm 63:1-8; Psalm 17:6-15; John 10:22-30

While this is not somewhere I am now it is somewhere I have often been. It was quite a painful time and even to this day it’s effects can be felt. I think it is quite by accident that we put our faith in people who by their very nature are flawed as all humans are flawed. The error comes in putting your faith in a person, be it friend or pastor, and then being shocked when they fail you. I’ve seen some churches have so much faith in their pastor, that when he dies or leaves the church that the church itself goes with him. I’ve lost more good friends than I care to count to the passage of time; each loss hurt deeply and in some cases shook my faith.
But that was my own doing. I’m a much ‘higher mileage’ person now so I’d like to say that I’ve learned my lesson. Well, and to a degree I have. As the scripture from today says, we should place our faith in God alone. Obviously we need the cloud of witnesses, like minded believers that we can ‘hang’ with. But our faith and focus must never waiver from God. Something that stuck me from the Psalm 17 passage . . . when friends are plenty and life is good it’s easy to have the faith. But faith’s true test comes when friends betray and your allies seem few; when God alone is with you. Oh but what an ally we have in Him. Christ went through the same thing . . . all His friends left Him in His greatest hour of need . . . He knows what it’s like far beyond what I can say.

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