October 9, 2011

Great work & play

You have to give credit where credits due . . . at least you should anyway.

     Sony has had it's ups and downs over the past months with security breaches, flawed save files, etc.  But they still have one of the deepest and widest varieties of character and game selection with their Playstation line.  In my youth I was a Nintendo fanboy just like most of my friends.  Then roll out the next generation in consoles, the PS2, Xbox, . . . the field got a little tougher.  Then came the 360, Wii, and PS3; all of them solid in their own right.  Each platform offers up a great selection of games for their clientele to enjoy.  

     Marketing is something that fascinates me.  So I pay attention to ads both screen and print.  I like finding the deeper meaning, what they are trying to convey, etc.  Xbox has done well with some of it's titles, especially the HALO line and ODST, and while that's great in the one vein it doesn't really appeal to someone who only likes sports or RPG's.  I think this is where Playstation has the edge when it comes to their marketing platform.  I'm not saying Xbox360 is bad or even that PS3 is better . . . they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

     But you can't deny . . . for those that play . . . that this is a pretty awesome commercial:


     Being a gamer isn't about not being social or playing in your moms basement. It's not about immaturity or refusing to grow up.  Gamers get to do more than just live the story of a good book from someone elses eyes . . . we get to control the outcome; go through the story as ourselves.  Sure you can take it to the extreme, but that's no different than anything else.  A good game takes you to another planet, another world, another lifetime; it's a new story to be explored, a new world to be discovered.  I control how that happens . . . 

     That is why I play . . .

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