March 31, 2009

Glimpse of the future

Deuteronomy 4:26-31

So I’m reading this morning and run across this passage.  Moses is speaking to the nation of Israel and in this particular passage he is giving warning about turning away from the Commandments and forgetting the god that brought them out of Egypt.  What struck me is this particular passage is a painting of the Jews recent history.  In 70 AD the Roman’s destroy the temple of Jerusalem and the Jewish people are scattered.  From then until present day they would live amongst other nations as a minority.  Well even before 70 AD the Jewish nation was taken into captivity by several neighboring countries and to that end were forced to worship god’s made of wood and stone.  Eventually the people of Israel would return to God and they would be restored as a nation.  In 1948 the ‘nation’ of Israel is established and the Jewish people begin returning home.

I’m amazed at how a person speaking thousands of years before an event occurs can speak so accurately to upcoming events.  It’s as if Moses were given a glimpse of the future of the nation that he helped bring out of Israel.  How awesome is our God who lives and breaths, who is not made out of man made idea or sweat but lives forever and ever!