November 30, 2009

Full tilt

     So I read this article for today from Men of Integrity that spoke to stewarding time or better stewarding family time.  The key verse is from 1 Corinthians 4:2 which speaks to how stewards should be found.  Meaning, that as stewards it is expected that we are trustworthy with what we are given stewardship over.  Additonal reading is from Matthew 25:14-30; where Christ gives us the story that has become known as the Parable of the Talents.  In the parable the term 'talent' is used which would translate as a monetary unit that would be about 20 years worth of wages for a laborer. 

     So how does this apply to my life?  I do find it STINKING funny that the better part of my holiday weekend (ok all of it) was spent discussing how involved or uninvolved I am with my family.  I was under the impression that I was doing a pretty bang up job at the whole husband & father gig.  But apparently I'm lacking in some form or fashion.  So I do what I do, make brash decisions without really thinking them through fully.  If I come to a logical conclusion then I'll roll with it full bore to hell with the consequences.  So if I need to spend less time on the pc and I've already cut out all forms of entertainment then all I'm left with is cutting out that which is not entertainment.  Eh, I'm sick of it though.  At this point I'm re-evaluating the business model (as per the bosses instructions) and I plan on setting a meeting with various coders to hand work off too.  The goal is to minimalize my involvement to I guess spend 100% of my time with the family.  Which isn't a bad thing, I just thought I was already.  Again though, guess not.

     So whatever, I find it striking that the week I decide to start my devotions back up the topic is on Men spending their time and how it's spent.  Should be interesting to see where this is headed.


FYI: If you are a client of our business and you happen to come across this article please do not be concerned.  Any changes would appear seamless or transparent to you