August 20, 2008


Last week was pretty rough.

     Four people I know lost loved ones. I’m an empathetic person by nature which means I tend to take others problems on as my own. Not that I’m trying to solve anything, it’s part of who I am in that I’m naturally a compassionate person and if I can help someone out I want to. Typically I deal with one person at a time so it’s no big deal; 4 in one week though was a bit much. The last of these is close to me, my own family of cousins. My wife has paid dearly for my mood, but with her urging and honesty with my LifeGroup things kind of fell back into place. Well, it’s God’s grace and love that brought me back to my senses.
     It was odd going to Mary’s service last night and today. Their family attends a church that I used to go to, one that means a lot to me especially in my Christian walk. The family also used to go to a church I grew up at, it was odd to see people from my early childhood at my Christian childhood church. But it was good . . . the service was great in that it did a good job of celebrating Mary’s life. It was great to see all those old pictures, kids growing up, different points of her life. It was good.
     Today was graveside. Danny Davis of Calvary Baptist Church in Alcoa officiated. Just out of high school I attended this church and really started my walk as a follower of Christ there so it was good to hear him speak again. He’s still the firm solid speaker I remember him to be. I’m going to have to go back and visit some day.
     What made everything good was the dinner after the grave side service. It had nothing to do with how good the food was or anything like that . . . it had everything to do with the site of people joining in fellowship. The sound of people’s voices bouncing off the block walls and tile floor mixed into a hymn that took me back to my early childhood. I can recall going to “Homecomings” there and breaking bread with friend and family alike. This time was not really that different, good food, good family, good conversation; just one person less. My heart breaks for the family left behind, but it leaps for the fact that Mary is “living” now more than ever!
     I’ve more work to do on learning how to deal with certain things. It will come in time. Tomorrow starts again, take the lessons I’ve learned, the peace I’ve been given, and dive headlong right back into what I do best.