November 7, 2009


     You know I didn't think this day would ever come.  I'm actually close, and I mean really close, to having my personal website done.  It's taken a lot of poking and prodding and hacking this and splicing that but I think all the duck tape and chewing gum is going to hold.  I've done tons of websites since I started publishing back in 2005; but I've never completed one for myself or my family.  Well there's the wife's business 'The Frugal Pantry' and brother's website 'Lone Candle' and where the company that hosts his comic 'The Sheppard' but as far as a 'personal' site this is the first.  (I should add a note here, it's not my fault that my brother hasn't updated Lone Candle and if you're going to check out anything of his check out 'The Sheppard' . . . good art, great writing, wonderful story line, 3 issues down, not sure how many more he has to go but it's really good stuff.)
     The shocker of shocks is that I'm actually pretty pleased with the site.  The colors work well, the navigation, publishing content is a breeze . . . I love it.  You know, I should open a business building websites! ha ha