May 22, 2011

Exciting news

So it’s rare that I’m REALLY excited about anything but i’m really looking forward to this new Author that’s going to be writing posts on this blog.  Her name is Littlefoot, you’ve heard me talk about her before, she’s my daughter!
As part of her Summer off from school we’re going to be reinforcing her writing skills by having her write in her journal at least once a week.  She can write more if she likes but at least once a week.  I’ll then take that content and put it on this blog.  I’m going to be copying it straight from her book, grammatical errors and all. But come on, she’s 6 so please be a little forgiving when it comes to those mistakes.  She’s about seeing it on here as well.  I think this will also help in our Family-iD work and reinforce the bond that she and I have.  Might even toss a little creative writing in there or work that imagination some, who knows!  Anyway, below is a picture of her; hope everyone enjoys her writing.

     I’ll be posting some of my journal work as well though I’m sure it won’t be all of it.  I think it’s odd to journal and blog; and I’ll have to admit that it seems a bit silly to write in a book when I do so much writing on the pc already.  The point is though; when Littlefoot and I journal together we’re at our kitchen table, sitting across from each other, I’m helping her spell words and she’s interested in what I’m writing about.  It’s one on one time with each other that I think is oh so important in the years to come.

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