February 23, 2015

Estoria – Week 1


Day 1

Week 1

Elsa and I started building today.  It took some time to gather enough wood and resources to build our home.  Our guide has taken up residence on the first floor.  I guess I should say our second guide.  Brent, our first guide, foolishly opened the door to a horde of zombies that quickly over ran the first floor.  Elsa and I were able to retreat back up to the loft before repelling the invaders.

It wasn’t long before another guide was sent our way and we were able to start digging out an underground cavern.  We were concerned about running out of resources but the slimes that seem to be ever present and somewhat aggressive offer this gel substance that makes perfect torches.  We hope to explore the ground beneath us and locate some rare ores to make better weapons.  These wooden swords that we were sent out here with are ridiculous!  I don’t know what the empire was thinking sending us out here with so little to start with.

All in all though we’ve managed.  We’ve been told that if we build more houses that other locals will come and setup shop.  I think this will be a focus in the week to come.  That and smelting some of the ore we find into something useful.

Signing off,

Expedition Commander