February 17, 2009


     I like knowing stuff . . . I remember when I found out what dreams were made of I was rather fascinated by it.  Now from what I’ve read and what I understand dreams are the minds way of staying busy during REM sleep.  Dreams are typically a compilation of the days events or perhaps snippets from events that happened long ago.  It should be noted that while you may not be able to recall the color of the car that passed you on the highway four months ago at seven in the morning your mind knows.  Your brain records every detail of every day from what you see to the noises in the room along with it’s smells.  It’s the recall that’s the tricky part . . . or so I’ve read.
     That being said one could argue that Dreams are typically comprised of random snippets of the day like what’s left over on the cutting room floor so to speak all being spliced together in a string of apparently coherent thought.  So ok, we can understand the basics to it much like we can understand how a heart beats or how cells divide; but something science has yet to find an answer to is “why”.  Why does our brain put things in a certain order, why not do a different order or why not simply reply the day in it’s entirety.  Depending on the person you’ll find different answers, my view is where science ends faith takes over.  I’m not someone who sees the two, science and faith, as opposing forces that should be argued out; but instead I see them as working in concert to help us discover the vast mysteries of our life.
     Now I’ve gone off on bit of a tangent so let me rope this post back in to where I was originally headed.  While science and many of us will attest that most dreams are just random clippings slung together; others will say that dreams have a hidden meaning and in some cases are prophetic in perhaps a particular situation or as a manner of explaining something we’re going through.  I think it’s a little of all.  I think most of the time a persons dreams are random images tossed together and have no other meaning that for the amusement of the mind.  But there are times that the order does speak to something we’re going through and that the images do tell a tale that we need to hear regarding our present condition or a future event.
     That being said I’m creating a new category called ‘Dreams’.  In this category I plan on writing about several that I’ve had that ended up having a deeper meaning and in some cases a profound impact on my life.  Obviously these posts will be inundated with my own personal views and as they should be since we’re talking about my mind here.  Each is entitled to their own opinion and I’m sure some will see “just a cigar” where I see something else.  But it should be interesting to relate.  Who knows, years from now when I look back on the log maybe I’ll be reminded of something I’m supposed to remember . . . and that car that passed me all those years ago will not be some distant forgotten file hidden in a field of haze but a Yellow SmartCar that I’ve always wanted to drive.