November 22, 2009

Declaring war

So some may be aware that in August I started changing the way I was eating or at least being more aware of what I was putting into my body.  I was going to the gym and making great progress; then I got sick and fell off the wagon for a bit.  I’ll say that I’ve not totally forgotten what to do or when to do it . . . it’s a matter of finding time.  But, I just give thanks to my wife going on a girls night out with a mom who goes to the gym at 9pm at night.  To me working out at night has always seemed odd because would you want to go to bed just after working out?  Could you?  I know there have been times that I’m tired enough but typically I’m feeling pretty good after a work out.  Especially after some friends of mine stressed the importance of doing cardio after your weight training and getting some protein in your body within 30 miniutes of your workout ending.  That worked wonders as far as not being sore (well sore to the point of not moving).

Anyway, all that said to say that I think that the wife might be interested in hitting the gym.  I’ve really wanted her to go with me as when I go by myself I feel like I’m taking time away from the family.  Since we’re blessed to have the in-laws with us we could get the girls in bed then hit the gym . . . it’s a thought anyway.

Thus, I’m declaring war . . . war on three fronts; physical, spiritual, and financial.  Going on the offensive with the weight, going to dig into some studies on faith, and debt is going to be a thing of the past.  None of this will be easy and it won’t happen over night.  But I am resolved; yea it’ll be painful and I’m sure I will not be perfect but it’s all about discipline right?  I mean in working out, eating, reading, studying, spending, investing . . . it’s all a matter of discipline; might be a good place to start studying.

That’s it, if it’s a war to be fought I’m lobbing the first volly . . .