June 10, 2012

Coming out

This has been coming for a while now I guess …

I’ve gone to great lengths to never reveal where I work in any of my social media connections (with exception to LinkedIn which is for professionals … or so they tell me) or here on this blog.  The biggest reason being that when I started at the organization I was aware that you had to be mindful of blogging about the company you worked for.  I was new to the blog-o-sphere so I just kept it quiet.  The fun part that came out of it was that IF I wrote anything about friends of mine from work I used code names that they knew.  Thus for the past 8 years I’ve kept my vocation of choice quiet when it comes to the online community.

Now if anyone spent any amount of time digging they could probably figure it out.  I wasn’t paranoid or anything, I just owned my own business and didn’t want their to appear to be any conflict.  There never was really … no matter how much it pained me to say “no I’m sorry I don’t know nor can I recommend anyone to help you with that” it’s what I said because that’s what I was supposed to say to protect the organization.  It makes sense too … if I had said, “take it to BestBuy” and then BestBuy jacked up their PC then there’s a chance of liability.  Anyway, those who know me and those who I want to know where I work know where I work.

But I don’t really own my own business anymore.  Recent health issues caused me to step away from that line of work and hand things over to my more than capable business partner.  I’m also no longer in a role where I interface directly with customers any more so the chances of any overlap are gone.

In December of 2004 I started work for what was then Nova Information Systems.  Since then we’ve rebranded (same company & owners) to be known world wide as Elavon.  While it’s had it’s ups and downs I have to say all in all I really do enjoy working there.  I’ve thus far had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business.  Words cannot express the level of appreciation I have for the leadership that I have served under and am currently serving under.  I’ve learned so much about a market I never really knew existed.  I can’t say that I ever thought in high school that I’d be working in the Financial Services industry but I am and to be truthful I really don’t see myself doing anything majorly different.  I’ve learned so much in the past 8 years, but at it’s core it’s been a re-application of service.  In my heart of hearts I’m happiest when I’m helping someone else.  It’s what gives me satisfaction.  I think that’s why I worked in the Customer Service field for almost 14 years before switching over recently to the Analyst role.  I’ve really enjoyed the new role thus far as it affords me the chance to look towards the past to make predictions on the future.  I love that part about my job . . . figuring things out and offering solutions.

Anyway, so there you go.  It’s really no big deal if you already know me.  If you didn’t know this about me and you’re looking for a good place to work I recommend giving Elavon a look.  They offer a wide variety of jobs across different fields from front line phone positions, network admin, security, sales; you name it we’ve probably got it.  It’s a great place that I’m pleased to say I’m a part of.