July 12, 2008

Change of pace

     So I’m 31 years old and last night was the first night I’d ever been to a club or bar or anything of that sort. Going out with friends is just not my scene, I normally stay home and either flip through the tv or work on the latest project . . . thus, what you’re about to read is a BIG change of pace for me.
     Anyway, my wife deep down is an ‘out-on-the-town’ sort of person. Unfortunately she married an old fuddy-duddy in me. She used to go to the beach every summer and while not every week, she’d go up to k’town and have a good time; non of this has happened since we’ve been married. Oh we’ve had our dates but never out with friends.
     But, last night the culmination of a lot of planning came together. I got home and my wife was as beautiful as ever. I spied her out through out the night, she’s truly a beautiful woman and I’m blessed to have her in my life. Wife is wired for fellowship with friends . . . she was in her element. Heels, make-up, kind of makes me think she was more herself last night. She’s just great. We went out with some friends of ours to Hana’s for sushi, then it was off to Swank’s for some live jazz and martini’s. Well, I should say martini as we only had 1 each. I had the Capone which tasted like liquid caramel apple while wife had The Rat Pack Royale, in her words, “Oh that’s good . . . just perfect”.
     I think last night was really good for me. If we do the same thing again we’ll park at the library and walk to Hana’s and then walk to Swank’s. While I’m uncomfortable with the growth Maryville is seeing in regards to the loss of our normal farmland rolling countryside not to mention the traffic issues; I’m pleased with the addition of our new library, restaurants, and nightlife. It was good for me to get outside of my shell, to go out and try something new. To sum up last night’s experiences; the food and beverages were good, the atmospheres were great, but the fellowship was the best!

Good times guys, good times!