Next time just take me dancing

A few weeks back my wife decided to sign us up for dance lessons that were being offered by the local community center where we live.  I didn’t say anything in the hopes that my atypical ailments would per chance leave me be this time and I could actually do something that would make my […]

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Our new Kindergarten student, Della Ro!

In the days before:  In preparing Della Ro for actually going to school on her own, we’ve talked about a few things like new clothes, new shoes, new school, new teachers, new friends, school supplies, lunch boxes, cafeteria food, being polite, making a good impression, and on and on.  Also spoke to making sure if […]

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Lessons from the Weekend part 2

Lesson 2. Sharing a dish is wise, but there’s no such thing as sharing a dessert with Daughter Taking a lesson from some friends of ours we decided to share an entree at Uno’s on Sunday. This would help with controlling how much we eat since restaurants have portion sizes WAY off the mark and […]

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Big night

I hope to have pictures up soon, but last night Littlefoot got her first bicycle. I got in from the gym just at the right time as Wife was setting supper on the table. After we ate I went and got things ready and had Wife come outside with the camera so we could catch […]

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