Alone again,

     Down this familiar road I journey once again.  All my friends are still here; loneliness, sorrow, and longing.  They tell me that they never left.  Down this well trodden path I walk again.      But this time the perspective is different, instead of hanging my head low and lurking in the dark […]

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All Red . . .

     The cries of war scream in my head.  I can remember the day clearly.  The hot sun beating down upon my head as we charged the rocky slopes of the mountain.  More and more of my men fell, but we pressed onward.  It seemed for every foot gained we lost a soldier, fifty […]

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The tree

It is rare that I make something for the simple fact of making it.  Normally any design work I do has to do with someones website or something for a print piece.  Sometimes though I’ll get a creative spark and spit something out.  It’s not fast nor easy but it eventually get’s done; I have […]

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