Today will be the day that your geekness is measured.  People will speak of the number '42' with reverence today of all days, 10-10-10.  Now to understand why this is happening you have to know 2 things: Binary – wikipedia has a fairly decent article on the subject if you want to understand the […]

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How things change

     I ran across something today that was rather shocking . . . well shocking when compared to what I do now.  My very first webwork that I ever did where I was paid.  The funny thing I remember is that only half of the invoice was paid and I let it go.  It was […]

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The little feet that follow

     So it has been a great dis-service this drought of blog-posts that I’ve done.  I think it’s just and proper that I start again with one about my daughter.  For new readers suffice to say I’m her biggest fan.  I think she’s the awesomest little girl in the world, and that’s not bias talking, it’s […]

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Movin . . .

     So I’ve been back and forth when it comes to how and or where to host my blog.  Started off with the standard install, then; now we’re back to      Looks like we’re back to the hosted services.  I’m setting this up as an MU.wordpress install.  That way I can share it with anyone […]

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