Devotion Responses

If not us, then who?

Scripture~ Micah 6:6-8; Amos 5:14-24; Matthew 25:31-40 It seems daily now I’m learning something new about the Lord, the world, and my role in it. During my teen years, say after . . . well starting high school and up until graduation; I really had this sense that I wasn’t going to make it. That […]

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The difference

Reading again from my Men’s Devotional Bible Scripture~ James 5:13-20; Ecclesiastes 4:7-12; 1 Thessalonian 2:6-12 So, I think I may have come to a realization that was kind of always there . . . I just had never really looked at it in this light before. I have always been some what of a recluse. […]

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Our Calling

Yes this is a break from my traditional S.O.A.P. material. The old form may come back, for now though I’m focused on being consistent in the study of God’s word. I’m going to be focusing on or from my Men’s Devotional Bible; I’ve had it now for a few years . . . well, maybe […]

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18 April 08

Scripture~ Joshua 8-9, Psalm 100, Acts 24-25      I am amazed at the brutality of war; well, perhaps not of war but of the vivid descriptions in the Old Testament. It amazes me, one doesn’t have to go watch war movies or violent tv shows . . . there’s enough adventure in the story of Joshua […]

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