January 4, 2010

Avatar & Famous Daves

     I was blessed beyond measure tonight to be "bro-napped" and taken to see Avatar at an Imax 3-d . . . now at first I thought it was a bit over kill to splurge on the 3-d stuff but oh my word if you can go see it at an Imax in 3-d DO IT!  I don't know that I can do this justice by trying to review something but just from this geek this movie was very well done.  I've heard some flak about it being "Dances with Wolves" or "The Last Samurai" but . . . I don't know . . . sure there are elements of those stories in the film . . . even a little Pocahontas but I don't know that it's an exact copy.  If you stretched it and said it was a blending of the three I still think theres more there.  The special effects and cgi were used where they needed to be used but not too over the top . . . the world that was created as a back drop was amazing!  Tons of creatures in the background and the foreground just made for a real 'in depth' feel to the film.  There's an obvious parralell being drawn to the natives on Pandora and the Natives of North America, Australia, etc.  But man . . . I can't wait to go back!

     After the flik and 30 minutes worth of driving trying to find a restaraunt that wasn't there (now we know what 'unconfirmed listing' means at least)  we landed at Famous Daves BBQ.  This was my first time dining at Famous Daves but I had always heard great things so I thought it'd be a good spot to check out.  Mercy the BBQ chicken was off the chain!  Then you toss in some cole slaw, baked beans, and a corn muffin that might as well have 'mana' stamped on the side of it . . . goodness what a meal!  The atmosphere at Famous Daves is equally amazing. 

     A big shout out to my spirtual brother, pastor, and brother-from-another-mother Matt for the bro-napping.  I owe my next few months of sanity to you sir!

One Comment on “Avatar & Famous Daves

December 27, 2010 at 12:41 am

I love Famous Daves. Would have to be my favorite american restaurant.

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