June 6, 2010

At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry

     This is the first of 12 books I've challenged myself to read this year.  It happened to be the first because it was the first I could get my hands on.  It's written by Steve Gallagher who runs Pure Life Ministries in Kentucky.  This is the first and only book I've read by Steve at this point and my thoughts are as follows:
     I really like the way Steve interweaves portions of his own life and experiences to give his voice merit and foundation.  Too often people have written self help books on topics that they themselves have not been through and I think it comes through in their writing.  Steve does a fantastic job of telling you that doing this or that is not enough, that there is no magic bullet to end the problem of Sexual Idolatry in your life.  He also makes it painstakingly clear that there is deliverance and hope and that the "in-between" life won't work with a Holy God.  There's a great job done in explaining the 'decent' in how it starts with one particular scenario but like most addictive behaviors, you start out trying the low grade simple drugs and before you know it your selling family heirlooms or breaking into peoples homes just to get the cash for your next dose.  To the sexual addict this may play itself out as staring too long at the swimming pool to stalking someone home and ending who knows where.  I love the way the book ends with a call to reality of who we are, God's grace, and how His mercy effects change in our life.  I don't know that this book alone will help someone who is dealing with such issues, but it certainly will help equip someone who's counseling others OR someone who's at least recognized they have an issue.  It's definitely worth picking up though!

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