May 21, 2010

A new enjoyment

So my wife has been encouraging the rest of the family to be more active.  I like this endeavor so tonight when I got in from work and they were out walking the track behind our apartment I joined in.  There is no greater feeling in the world than that of being welcomed home by ones family.  I feel like a super star when my girls come to me with open arms and yelling “Daaaadyyyyy!”.  Of course Littlefoot, my 5 year old, is the most vocal at this point but lil squeaker is typically right behind her arms wide open, a big grin, chanting “a da! a da!”  LOL  Then theres my wife smiling saying, “Hi hunny” (sounds like a mixture of sunny and honey) with a hug and a kiss.  So how in the world was I going to say no to all that?
As we make our way around the wood chip covered track I crack out the phone and activate my Slacker app.  It’s not what you think, Slacker is actually one of the best online Radio stations I’ve found.  I’d even match it up to Pandora.  Slacker has a wide array of musical choices but as of late my favorite has been 40’s Hits.  I know, I’ll let you finish your comments and thoughts about my music collection now . . . done?  good  I don’t know why I like it as much as I do, I like the idea of listening to music that was popular close to 70 years ago on a device and network that was in the wildest dreams of the cutting edge engineers of the day.  So now Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, Ol’ Blue Eyes, Judy Garland, the Andrew Sisters and so on grace the ears of my family as we walk round the track and just live life.  How awesome is that?