February 26, 2008

A good place to be . . .

     You know I’m amazed at how things turn out. When struggle comes we really find out a lot about who we are . . . as if the struggle itself is a mirror that holds itself up to our faces. I’m currently going through some stuff that really should have me shook up and angered; but it doesn’t. It’s odd, and good at the same time. For some reason I keep thinking about Paul in that “I am not moved” in how our circumstances do not define us . . . perhaps they show who we are . . . they show our metal; but they do NOT define us.
     And praise the Lord for it eh? To be able to walk with peace, carrying no burden of guilt or shame, walking with the righteous. I think . . . perhaps because I understand the source of my provision, the true source of my self-worth is not measured in where I work or who my friends are . . . but instead in the service of my King. No no I’m not perfect . . . far from it. Everyday is an evaluation of what I could have done better and where I fell short from the standard. The goal is to rise above . . . to run the race towards Christ-likeness. The love, the peace, the calm joy . . . it’s amazing . . .
     I am not afraid . . . I am not afraid . . . it’s an awesome thing to be able to say that and that the words go beyond just positive affirmation . . . but I know it. The peace . . . it’s almost too much!

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