July 29, 2008

29 July 2008

2 Chronicles 29-30, Psalm 25, Mark 4

     I think we’ve all been there in regards to the Old Testament passage. I know that in my own life I was a young Christian and then rebelled against God. It’s not so much that we actively rebel but I think we actively forget who God is. But our God is a loving God who forgives those who seek Him. I love the picture of a King praying to God to pardon those unclean but are seeking after Him. I was unclean when I started to seek after Him again, praise God that I was not told that I couldn’t because of some legalistic edicts. Because it’s in the active pursuit of God that we are made clean.
     This ties in with the New Testament reading as well in that as that young Christian the other things of the world were getting in my way. Now as I continue to grow one thing I lack is a continual quiet time where I can study the word of my Lord and seek His face. Someone has said to me recently, speaking generally, when was the last time you sought God. You know I think I’m good at trying to do little things here and there to help others in different areas. I do this because of the talents I’ve been given and I feel a calling on my life to share those gifts. As it goes so often I get the sense that I could be doing more . . . not more for others, but more in seeking after God, seeking my King and Savior.

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