January 25, 2008

25 Jan 08

Genesis 45-46, Psalm 22:19-31, Mark 1

     I am moved by the spirit of reconciliation that seems to permeate God’s word; I don’t think there is a finer example than when Joseph reveals himself to his brothers. He does not hold a grudge against his brothers, instead he points to how God was moving even in their wickedness in selling him into slavery.
     The passage of Psalm reminds me much of how I am about meeting a new friend or even my wife for that matter. We lean on our friends (or spouse) and if we are just we offer praise of them and about them to others we meet. I know I speak of my wife often with my co-workers; no one has a doubt in their mind as to what she means to me. Same goes for my close friends. To me, speaking kind words of praise and love is a way of showing love and respect for that individual.
     Mark, I think this is a different style, obviously a different author than the other gospels. Mark dives right into the ministry of Christ; speaking immediately to who Christ was as the Son of God. Christ is not out after fame; in fact He does His best to cause it not to happen. Demon’s who upon seeing Christ would be compelled to call Him by His authority were muted by Christ. In face it ends up being the people that he touches & heals that spread His good word. Much like the Psalmist in the earlier passage . . . when God moves in our lives, we can’t help but spread the good Word. Well, we shouldn’t at least.

     This makes me curious as to how much I speak about the good that is done to me. I know in some cases I have, but I wonder if I have done right in all cases? Especially the important ones. My fear is that I will miss an opportunity to be a blessing to someone and\or share my faith with them. I think through this “sharing” of good news then I can greater accomplish this.

     Father God above, make me more sensitive to those divine appointments where I am to share Your good news with my family and friends. In as much as I can speak to them about a good client I’ve picked up or a great thing my daughter has done, I should all the more be wanting to tell them about You and Your precious Will. Give me courage and strength of heart to follow through with this command.

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