April 7, 2008

07 April 08

Deuteronomy 18-20, Psalm 89:30-52, Acts 13

     Rules of engagement, instructions for prophets, and how to deal with criminals; Moses is delivering his final message to the people of Israel before he departs. I had wondered if the prophets Moses was speaking of was pointing to Christ but I don’t think so . . . instead I think he’s referring to the prophets of God to come; Elijah, Samuel, Isaiah, and others.
     To correct us with the rod and stripes . . . but not to lose His love for us. This is truly a father’s love. With my own daughter there are times that I have to correct her, chasten her, and unfortunatly spank her; but I never once stopped loving her. In fact I understand the phrase ‘this will hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you’ because the sting of a spank will go away, but the hurt that I feel for making my daughter cry lasts much longer. I don’t want to get on to her but I know that I must. I think God has the same mind set in dealing with us His children. He takes no pleasure in exacting His wrath, but correction must come in order for us to grow and draw closer to Him.

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