April 4, 2008

04 April 08

     How awesome is it that we start again with love, because of the love we have for our Father we follow His rules. I know that seems to resound in Deuteronomy but it’s so present in today’s society; well the opposite seems to permeate our culture. That we must do works to “earn” His love; works are the fruit of faith, not the other way around.
     Acts 10 . . . speaks to me dearly. Breaking down walls of who deserves salvation, what is clean and unclean . . . while there are things that are holy and unholy . . . it is deeply wrong of us as citizens of Christ’s Kingdom to think that we should selectively share the gospel. Christ died for ALL of us; His gospel, the gift of eternal life is meant for EVERYONE. Not all will accept the gift, but it is not for us to decide who should receive Christ and who should not. No matter what sect, race, financial or social status . . . all deserve to hear the gospel of Christ.

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