Day 365

Well … here we are. 1 year ago today I was talking with my mother for the last time. I was down at my mamaws house helping with some clean up and chatting with cousins, aunts, and uncle. I talked to her 3 times that day … Nikki did the same … several others spoke […]

A writers challenge

       I am painfully aware that some think of me as long winded.  I for one see this as being thorough … however I must admit I was excited about an assignment that was given in one of our writers workshops that I'm taking through Maryville Vineyard.  Led by author Phyllis Dolislager, our […]

Guest post: No kill movement

Back in June I wrote an article entitled 'Eating our Pets' which was designed for shock value but obviously was about my daughters pet apricot.  A friend of mine started a conversation which lead to me stating that if she'd write the article I'd be more than happy to let her do a guest post […]