Sleep in the olden days


As mom is on her trip with her friends the girls have decided to camp in our bedroom. You’d be amazed at how much room a 10 & 6 year old take up in a king size bed. I have just enough room to sleep on my shoulder and for the first time in ages I caught myself rolling out of bed last night.

I ain’t mad though, reminds me of the first years of marriage.

Young men, my advice to you on what to do to prepare for marriage … learn to sleep in a 1 foot wide space on the edge of your bed. Trust me

Data nerd


I was doing some digging at work today on different ways to display data over time (several data points over a 3 month period) While looking at different options I ran across this:

Gapminder World

The default setting shows GDP against life expectancy. The scale at the bottom can be automatically played to show how the countries of the world have changed. Having nothing selected you’ll see the entire world and I was amazed at the drop that occurred during WWI and while still a drop for WWII it was no where near as dramatic.

You can select a country to highlight and follow; of note was the change in life expectancy in the US during the civil war. There were a lot of interesting things to evaluate and this tool is pretty darn robust. It’s worth a look … especially if you’re a data nerd

Rough day


Yesterday was tough. Woke up with headache and lightheaded, got to the office late, started working and failed to eat. All the while a sense of panic was trying to creep in.

I went for a walk and prayed as I walked. It was almost 330 or 4 before I got an orange from a friend. Continued with the neck pain, nausea, ears were burning hot and reflux was in overdrive. Ended up missing my writers group.

Today is going better, not great but better. Seemed a lot of random things going on at once, it’s not lost on me that I’m going to be participating in an intercessory prayer group this weekend with Deeper Still.

Conflicted dad


Conflicted dad is conflicted … 

Just caught daughter on her iPod 3-hours after we put her to bed. 2nd offense so consequences kick in. 

3 days grounding from all electronics.

But she wasn’t chatting, gaming, or watching YouTube vids … she was reading.

Conflicted but still grounded. 1 day instead of 3 … because I am merciful

Or something